6 Tips For a Successful And Lasting Relationship

Successful And Lasting Relationship

For a successful and lasting relationship, the topic says that time and routine end with love, but that does not have to be so. A couple relationship is a living thing that goes through phases, undergoes ups and downs and changes continuously …

Not necessarily worse. Dedicating time, energy and attention to the couple is the secret to a successful and lasting relationship. Here are six tips to nurture it:

* Break the routine. There are routines necessary for daily life, but also others that dwarf life, making it predictable and boring.

Leave the known, stop going to dinner at the same restaurants, go on vacation without making plans.

It is important not to turn the couple relationship into a little cast for two where nothing new can enter.

* For a successful and lasting relationship, enjoy together. Do not let everyday obligations steal your smile. Love needs attention, illusion, gestures of tenderness, surprises, gifts.

It’s like a child with an open heart. Laugh together and try to make the joy of your relationship. Make an effort to avoid the negativity, the rudeness and the lack of respect that kill the desire and the desire to be together.

* For a successful and lasting relationship do not fear conflicts. As much love and complicity as possible, in a relationship there will always be disagreements, arguments and even fights.

It is better to express the discomfort than to shut it up, for this always leads to frustration and rancor. Disagreements are an opportunity to get to know each other better, learn lessons, and build a solid foundation for your relationship.

And remember: never be afraid to ask for forgiveness. It is the balm that softens all tensions.

For a successful and lasting relationship, express your love. Never give your partner affection for granted. Even if you have a stable relationship or are married, he or she is not your property.

He is a person who has decided to love you and to be by your side, just like you. Love is strengthened when the couple expresses their feelings, when both put themselves in another’s place.

When they dedicate time and energy to celebrate their love, to support each other, to try to understand each other and to stay united even in the midst of disagreements or bad moments.

* For a successful relationship you have a life of your own. As much as they are in love, keep in mind that your partner can not and should not fulfill all your affective needs.

It is very important that each of you remain an autonomous and reasonably happy person outside your partner, because only this way you can add, contribute, nurture the relationship.

Have friends, confidants and accomplices of both sexes with whom to spend time and talk, let off steam, share hobbies, listen, learn things … Let there be air between the two so that both can breathe at ease.

For a successful and lasting relationship, remember that you are a couple. This involves making everyday decisions by mutual agreement, sharing daily life, getting together, adjusting, reinventing yourself.

It means sharing moments of happiness, tenderness, complicity, but also days when they do not support each other.

Put your commitment and your mutual love above the circumstances and moods, never to forget what is the reason why they are together.

10 Tips For Having A Lasting Relationship Or The Secret Of Love Forever

Lasting Relationship

Lasting Relationship. Do not be fooled because there are no infallible recipes to live a love that lasts forever. Each person is a world and not all individuals react the same to the same things, good or bad.

For that reason, the secret of fullness as a couple, of finding true love is within the reach of very few.

Is there any secret to get it? We give you some advice, but above all, rely on your common sense and your capacity for empathy and emotional intelligence.

This experienced French sexologist compiled in his book the 10 tips for a lasting relationship. Are these:

1.- Protect Independence: The stories of Walt Disney are very good and we all fall lagrimita. But to love someone is not to overwhelm you, or to be on top of you all the time.

Each one should have their spaces reserved and others ready to share them with the couple. To survive, you have to try to keep them as independent entities.

2 .- Another advice to have a lasting relationship is to strengthen to maintain communication: The way of life if it is planned to do it in union with another it is convenient to talk a lot, to know the other, in their defects and their virtues, in their Dreams and their fears.

It is very healthy to exchange opinions and opinions. One of the worst things that can happen in a couple is that each person is locked in himself, without showing himself to the other. Incommunication ends any relationship.

3. Fill the sex life with new and enriching experiences: You can not let a relationship languish. It should be banned. One of the foundations of any couple to use is the sexuality that comments on a relationship and fills it with happiness, fulfillment and complicity.

In addition, it is demonstrated that sex allows our body to secrete oxytocin, the hormone of attachment. Problems? Some. And is that for many couples, especially for men, when they talk about sex seem to limit it irremediably to penetration. And it is not like that.

4.- Find goals and ways to complete together. Coexistence implies moments of happiness but also others much more difficult, nuisances and confrontations that can take people to the limit. And no one said that life as a couple is far from easy.

5. Gold of the tips for having a lasting relationship is to keep the desire that awakens in you: Loss of sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most frequent reasons for consultation and often of breach of rigging if that is Is not cut. But it has a solution.

6. Make concessions and put in the place of the other: When you are told that this or that couple is perfect because they never argue, I do not fear you believe. Or yes they argue or, more surely, are anything but perfect.

Discussions are inherent in relationships. But they can wear it out if they do not live in a healthy way.

You have to take it as something natural and sometimes necessary. It helps us to remember that we are one person with our own criteria and that the other, of course, is also one. With your needs and problems.

7.- Remember. The natural and healthy is to grow old: In a consumer society like ours, which does not accept to face death, the fear of aging breaks many couples after years of marriage.

8.- Weary of surprising the other: It is good to always keep a part of mystery – in a good sense – in what one can expect from the other. That it does not always seem like you know the end of the movie in which you are protagonists.

It is true that couples know a lot, but from time to time show your face more unexpected, unknown and unexplored. It will suit you.

9.- Another advice to have a lasting relationship is Share the tasks: If the fatigue is shared is more diccil that always fails the same.

According to the latest statistics, there are still very few men who share 100% of their household chores equally. No one should be a slave to anyone and the responsibilities of coexistence must be shared.

10.- To know to say I am sorry and to answer that does not matter: Many couples are separated by an infidelity., The test surpasses before which no one considers the pardon, at least, of beginning.

Many more issues and affronts will have to come through a long time relationship and knowing how to forgive will be the food of that couple. As you realize the tips for having a lasting relationship are the beginning of happiness.

9 Tips To Overcome a Couple Crisis

Overcome a Couple Crisis

Who has not suffered or witnessed a breakup? And of those we have lived or witnessed, how many were led by frustration or defeat?

How many struggled against a resounding, against the inevitability of a breakup in the hope of fixing and returning to the point of return? What can we do to not get here?

It is true that in many cases “a no” can be fixed; Other “noes” are forever, but in some cases a “no” no resounding of our ex-partner can be spoiled by our anguish.

Lack of control and wanting to have a prompt response; As it may need only a time to breathe. And it is that sometimes that pressure is what pushes the other to make the final decision of “no”.

Partner conflicts like any conflict in this world of humans can have a solution.

Activating the solution requires commitment and will, requires willing and doing, giving and understanding. A breakup can be the departure of one of the couple’s members to a situation that from their point of view is unbearable.

Even in many cases it can be more an intake of oxygen than a real abandonment.

The point is that normally there is an active part and a passive part, that is, a part that wants such separation and activates all the measures for it to be given and a passive part that neither wants it nor wants it.

Not being the active part of the decision is suffering less, nor for being the passive part is to be to blame for such separation.

When we talk about rupture and this is not due to third parties, we must make self-criticism no matter how much we weigh, despite having tried to do things well, possibly in many cases, we have been wrong, we will have judged and we will have provoked without Want unsustainable situations.

What to do?

There are many tips that can be given so that these situations do not reach a point of no return like:

– Do not impose but dialogue, reach a consensus. Stop struggling to see who is right, but rather explain our motives or logic. Focus more on the present and not remember past conflicts, much less put them as examples.

– Understand that it is normal not to agree with something, seeing this more as a challenge to look for points in common, than as a conflict.

– Strengthen our partner with details for the efforts he makes to improve the relationship or coexistence.

Little details, a kiss, a hug, a caress, a love, a smile or a moment of attention can become more important and more powerful than the great actions destined to ingratiate ourselves.

– If we are to criticize something that we do not like, it is better to direct ourselves to the behavior than to the person, that is, to show what he has done that we do not like more than to use reproaches or personal derogatory qualifiers. Respect is essential for good living together.

– In the face of violent situations, take a prior and dialogical decision as a pact to leave the situation to think for a long time and look for creative ways of solving the problem, and once more relaxed try a more reflexive and patient dialogue, Understand and yield both, to win.

– Strive to listen, looking into the eyes, trying to understand their world, their vicissitudes, their concerns and their fears

– Look for activities in common and take back that timeshare and that for both were grateful. Accept the dynamism of the relationship without trying to be a copy of the beginnings.

– To trust and also give the couple their own time, do not drown it with calls or messages, and respect their own space. Freedom is the seed of true love.

– And above all, give yourself some time for yourself, where your partner is not, where you remember who you are and why one day that person fell in love with you. Love yourself!

10 Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Improve Your Relationship

Improve your relationship. A long-lasting relationship can retain much of the charm of the early days, to achieve it requires creativity, overcome laziness and comfortable routines.

Ten tips to improve your relationship.

1. Every day in plan of conquest

To assume that the game has already been won and that there is no need to do anything else to conquer the other is the first step towards the deterioration of the relationship.

Remembering the strategies most useful at the beginning of the relationship and applying them, as well as new actions based on the knowledge of the couple, will keep the spark and emotion and prevent the other or self become something as obvious as Living room sofa.

2. To have a life of their own

When all the experiences you have are lived as a couple, there comes a point where there is nothing new to talk about.

Having your own friends, individual interests, independent activities of the couple, is convenient for both the person and the relationship: oxygen, gives topics of conversation, propitiates new activities, new friends, in short, enrich the everyday.

3. Modify routines

Routines prevail because they are comfortable, but they can become automatic and therefore lose emotion. Breaking them up is easier than you think.

It is giving space to spontaneity, daring to make proposals out of the ordinary and change comfort by action.

For example, take advantage of a sunny day in the week and find yourself somewhere in the city after work to chat while night falls.

4. Interested in what the other does

The hobbies, tastes, interests and knowledge of the other, can contribute much to the universe itself. There will always be an angle of what the other does, which can generate curiosity in the couple.

It’s not just saying “I do not like football” but trying to understand why he likes the other. With this attitude prejudices are overcome and horizons are broadened. In addition, spaces are created for sharing.

5. Have exclusive moments to share between two

When there are children involved, there is little room to share as a couple. Grandparents, uncles, the family in general, can be a great help to have a few moments alone.

Also in everyday life you can reserve some spaces to live as a couple: when they have already bedded the children or early, before they get up.

The fact is never forget that the other, other than being “the father or the mother of my children, is my partner.”

6. Improve your relationship, A good sexual relationship

Biology influences sexuality, but also the psychology of both. Daily stress and fatigue are not the best companions for a relationship. Laughter, on the other hand, distenses and allows a more tranquil approach.

Finding or creating appropriate (also emotional) environments and avoiding “automatic” encounters are good ways to maintain a dynamic and exciting relationship.

Preparing the food together, without hurry and announcing it in advance so that both are in the same tonic, is a good way to get ready for sex.

7. Always be a challenge

Eduardo Punset, Spanish scientist, says that one of the fundamental factors of Homo sapiens to be happy is to have a challenge, something that has to be achieved. What is believed already achieved loses interest.

The concept of unconditionality in the couple is dangerous and promotes irresponsible attitudes and actions: “You will be there, whatever you do”.

When both people are clear that they have to “earn” each other day, they do their best and do their best to keep the relationship going.

8. Make caresses a novelty

In caresses the instinctive and rational coexist. Tenderness, solidarity, support, are feelings that are expressed many times more clearly and forcefully with a hug or a squeeze, than with words.

The caresses have a therapeutic effect, reduce stress, relax and create an irreplaceable link. Its positive effect is for both the giver and the receiver.

It can be caressed with the tips of the fingers or with the whole hand, with the back or with a simple set of fingers. There are hundreds of ways to explore and express feelings to each other.

9. Being buddies

Rather than being a couple, it is important that you both be friends. Life can not only become obligations and responsibilities.

They are building a life and a future in common, but also need spaces of relaxation, leisure, fun and mischief. Being small buddies, creates a very strong and rewarding bond.

10. Avoid being the “typical” in anything

Getting rid of stereotypes or avoiding them is a way of maintaining “identity.” Each one builds his day and his life in his own way.

It is easy to do it according to the pre-established recipes of society (the cantaletra, the mournful and indifferent gentleman in front of the domestic …), but it is more enriching and rewarding to do it according to the formula itself.

Improve your relationship.. A couple relationship is like a plant that must be cultivated day by day. Details and patience with each other are the basis for a loving relationship to work and endure over time.

Following the above tips you can improve your relationship in such a way that harmony and happiness visit your heart again. Learn and practice them.