How To Solve Relationship Problems Today

A good name of surveys reveal that when a couple has 1 to 3 years of courtship or marriage everything is going great and we can say that relationship problems are scarce, but as time goes by, enters the stage of 4 and 7 years and begins to live an environment full of conflicts, fights, complications and incidents that make the relationship increasingly fragile and unstable.

Encompassing all this, it is correct to say that a couple crisis is being experienced and then we decided to confront it and a question arises: how to fix the couple’s relationship problems? There are different effective ways of acting, the best example, couples therapy.

There are different professional types who are experts in problems with the couple, since all the elements that make up the couple have to be analyzed. When a couple decides to face their problems, they have to open themselves psychologically to understand the obstacle and find the best way possible. the solution.

Many experts apart from lectures and other advice go beyond the broad spectrum of solutions for problems in the couple and promote the change of total life, that is, the couple has to change many things in their day to day so that everything is come back more serene and stable.

Common causes that cause relationship problems.

The objective is to offer solutions for the crisis and the couple’s problems and to learn not to avoid conflicts or to pass them, but to know how to treat them and try to eliminate them if possible.

In life, as well as in love, the problem can be caused by many causes, we analyze the most common causes and the most frequent which affect in marital crises.

The relationship over the years becomes monotonous: something that is more than proven is that when the relationship has a range between 4 and 7 years everything becomes common, everyday and monotonous that destroys slowly destroys it until a wave of problems Suddenly they explode.

Within a marriage to reach this amount of years is a great achievement but the couple has to be careful not to be affected by time, we have to try to change the routine to create surprise within the relationship, it is usually advised to leave the routine , plan vacations to a new place or perform new activities to get out of the monotony.

The birth of the first child: be a relationship between young people between 16 and 22 years old, few people are prepared to be a father or mother (there are always exceptions, of course) and often the euphoria of arrival of the first child is combined with frustrating situations cause couple problems.

A newborn needs attention which will take time away from the parents, the sleeplessness of the children begins, which generates small family conflicts caused by not sleeping well, many experts recommend in this situation to seek the help of a trusted person to help with the care of the children and so the couple is released a little pro-maternal stress.

Unemployment, diseases, problems of others: touching conflicts more unrelated to the relationship combine the case of unemployment or illness which causes stress and anger in the relationship, so it is advisable to assist a professional psychologist specializing in this type of crisis to reduce and counteract these problems.

Tips to solve the problems of couples.

Then I point out some simple tricks that you can carry out to try to solve your relationship problems. They are quite concrete and easy, but you should sit down with your partner to talk about whether you really want to put them into practice or not:

1. Break the monotony: The first of the tips to solve problems of a couple is, of course, to break the monotony. Since monotony is one of the biggest problems that couple relationships face, being able to change the daily routine contributes to the relationship regaining some of the magic it lost over time.

2. Introduce couple games: The couple games contribute, on the one hand, to that you realize the good relationship you have (although you have stopped noticing them with time), and, on the other hand, will help to strengthen the ties you have. In addition, they are also positive to break with the routine and introduce new ways of relating.

3. Take a time: Sometimes, the best way to overcome a crisis in a relationship, is to agree on a time for each one. It is not a break as such, but a time in stand by, so that each one can think if he is really well with his partner or not. This may seem painful, and, in fact, it may be painful, but the results are usually very positive.

4. Moving: Although it is not available to everyone, moving to another place for a while is also a very good way to solve problems of a couple. There is no major change in routine to start living elsewhere, and, therefore, is the most effective way to break the monotony.

5. Surprise: In the course of monotony and routine, surprises can also help very positively to solve this problem. You may not be able to move or you can not change the usual routines you have, but there is always room to offer surprises of a very different kind. Keep this option in mind, because, although it is not the best, it will always be a good help.

6. Do not be 100% emotional, or 100% rational: In many cases, the problems of a couple comes because they are not discussing or facing a problem from the same plane. The girl, in general, tends to confront them emotionally, while the boy tends to do it from the rational. To solve this type of problem, the most advisable thing is to get everyone to give up a little, because both aspects are important in a relationship.

7. Set aside the demands: It is also common for relationship problems to come from one of the parties is very demanding with the other. It is important not to be so demanding, since, in theory, you fell in love with the person as he was, and it is not fair to try to make her change (especially when, sometimes, not even you are contributing to the relationship what you are demanding the other person).

8. Improved communication: A technique that may seem stupid but has a scientifically proven effectiveness, is to use half an hour a day compulsory to speak. Whoever is reading will say: “But if I talk much more than half an hour a day with my partner”.

Yes, but we are talking about having half an hour that is exclusively to talk, without doing anything else. You would be surprised at everything that can come out in a conversation of this kind.

9. Realize that there is no longer love: Obviously, this should be the last point, since whenever the relationship can be saved it is convenient to do so. However, sometimes, problems arise as a couple because, simply, love has ended.

In these cases, the best solution is to break the relationship in good manners, so that it does not continue to harm both of you. The biggest problem will be in recognizing the failure, but, once it is assumed, both of you will be happier.

As you can see, relationship problems are normal and have a large number of possible causes. However, they can also be solved relatively easily. I recommend that, if you want to maintain the health of your relationship, put into practice the advice I have given you.

Would you like to know how to solve relationship problems with your partner?

You are probably wondering how I can know so much about this subject, but the truth is that everything I have learned has been given to me by experience.

I have gone through different types of boyfriend and couple problems (infidelities, unsatisfactory sexual relations, too much protection, etc.) and after a long period of time I think I have really understood how to find the balance and the solution to couple problems.

I have always liked to help other people, so everything I have learned I have embodied in a book that I myself entitled “Solve the problems of a couple.” Do you want to discover more about my method to finally enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship?

How To Distinguish Between a Crisis And The End Of a Relationship?

Love does not prevent crises, but it can become the main element of support, to find a solution. The way in which the problems are overcome will depend on whether a couple, referring to a conflictive stage, speaks of a crisis more or perceives it as what was the beginning of the end.

The way in which each member of the couple faces this period of problems is due to factors such as emotional maturity, the ability to manage conflicts, the duration of the relationship, the networks available to them or the personal moment in which they find themselves.

Fear of change

There are no fixed criteria to which to appeal determine whether a relationship is already at an end. In addition, the longer this union has been and when the rupture affects more people – children are the argument that many people use to continue living, despite the crisis -, it will be harder to make the decision to break.

It could be said that the moment in which a relationship ceases to provide the members of the couple with the set of elements that led to it – affectivity and emotion, security, sexual enjoyment … – the point of inflection is reached. it must produce the change.

Recognize if you are going through a time with serious difficulties or if we are before the beginning of the end of the relationship, it becomes an arduous task for the members of the couple, since immersed in a myriad of emotions, feelings and sensations, it is difficult to calm down. enough to make a quiet reflection that leads them to clarify at what point of the relationship they are.

It is not strange that there are self-deceptions, more or less conscious, that arise as resistance to change, whether to rethink the couple and move forward with changes, or to definitely start a separation.

Simple crisis or separation?

Depending on the way in which a crisis is faced, how the members of the couple behave before that stage, the union will be reinforced or it will be the first phase of the end. That is to say, before a conflictive phase of the couple the question is not “is this the end?”, But “do I want it to be the end ?, do I want to continue with the commitment that this relationship implies?”.

In short, a bad streak will only be a crisis if it is overcome, but it will become a separation if the union ends. The answer to some questions can give us clues that will help us make a decision in that difficult juncture: Do I love him?

Do we look together in the same direction, do we have the same goal? Do I feel deep interest in the other person? I want it? Do I have total confidence in the other? And in the relationship itself? Do I reflect and commit to see what I can contribute to the other person and our relationship to improve it?

In crisis phase our emotional state is altered; therefore, keep in mind the scope of decisions, especially if you choose to end the relationship.

Two people are not separated, but sometimes a family with children, a whole network of relationships and friends, economic dependencies, so if the couple is with brakes that prevent reflection to prosper, it is convenient to go to one or Specialist in couple issues, to unblock the situation and enable spaces so that the reflection meets the desirable guarantees. It will introduce balance and establish a protocol to help the couple decide better.

To strengthen the couple

We must use or develop these skills:

* Accept that our life is entirely our responsibility. Do not expect the other member of the couple to make us happy. Our happiness depends, above all, on ourselves. Let’s not fool ourselves.

* Know that we do not have to solve the life of the other person, looking for solutions, giving advice and marking the guidelines of how you should live your life.

* Learn to listen. For this we must stop what we are doing, empty ourselves of other thoughts that distract our attention and try to put ourselves in their place to understand how they feel.

* Learn to dialogue. Our opinion, way of understanding and apprehending reality are not the absolute truth, but only ours.

* Learn to agree. What is mine and what is yours must be taken into account and debated in order to be able to define “what is ours”.

* Learn to share. Give each other: ask how you are, what makes you uncomfortable, what you want and want.

* Learn to ask. Showing our vulnerability is the best sign of love, since we do not teach it to anyone.

Dedicate specific time for the couple.

* Share hobbies, playful times, fantasies and illusions, as well as accompanying in sad, hard and painful moments.

* Share the economy. It is part of the couple’s relationship.

* Learn to use conflicts and crises, to learn more about ourselves, see what we need and what is the pain that we raise in our partner.

That they are springboard of development and not of stagnation that does not lead anywhere. Let’s talk as necessary, so that the problem is not blocked. There is no greater disaster than silence.

* Pamper the couple with pride. Sex, caresses and “I love you” have to be said, we must make them explicit. The understandings are not valid.

9 Tips To Solve Your Relationship Problems, According to Common Sense

Although sometimes it does not seem so, we are rational beings. And if sometimes it does not seem so, it is because when anger invades us, our mind becomes cloudy and perhaps what comes out through our mouths is not the best way to solve our relationship problems.

Perhaps we vent for a short period of time, but in the long run, we will end up causing serious damage to our coexistence. And it is not that we do not know how to treat our partner, but in those critical moments we lose what precisely should be more important, common sense.

We already know what the funny proverb says again: “do not argue with a fool, because first he will make you lower to his level and then he will hit you with his experience”. Something similar can be applied to the world of couple relationships, in which we must avoid being dragged into the spiral in which the other person seems to have fallen.

Rather than counterattack in an ever stronger way, it may be smarter to rescue our partner from his own stupidity and help him keep his head cool. Or, if that is not possible, keep the following tips in mind the next time the issue is about to get out of hand.

Remember Ockham’s razor.

The English Franciscan friar Guillermo de Ockham illuminated what would be known later as the principle of parsimony, which goes to say that all things being equal, the simplest theory is more likely to be correct than the complex one.

Which comes to mind when we start building castles in the air and attributing unsuspected causes to our partner’s behavior. Probably the simplest explanation is the real one, and if you forgot to call you it is because you have really forgotten it, not because you were cited with your lover in a hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Why are you angry?

Try to answer that question and discard the first answer: in many cases surely what has angered you so much is not the object of the discussion that is being maintained, but another deeper reason or perhaps a very concrete problem that has not yet been solved .

In other cases, not even your partner will be to blame for your anger, but this may have been caused in another area (work, family) and it is she who is paying for the dishes.

Stop and let the other person explain

It is not only a matter of counting up to ten between exabrupto and exabrupto, but also in letting the other person explain himself and present his version of the facts before your accusations.

Perhaps this prevents an increase in tension to a point of no return and solve the problem without raising the tone or raise other issues. Our mind works faster than our tongue, and sometimes a simple conversation without raising our voices serves to turn shadows into light.

Check your arguments

Many people start arguing with a clear idea in their head about what they have to say, especially if they are the ones who start the confrontation. Since we have learned so well, perhaps it is convenient to review our argumentation before pronouncing it out loud and, in that way, to verify if what we suggest is true or if it is a mere stratagem to make our partner feel bad. If so, it may be preferable to swallow our words.

Do it at the right time

To properly discuss something that bothers us, you also have to know when to do it. The worst moment is, of course, when the tension is about to explode or in the midst of an interminable exchange of accusations, when the emotions make us air those annoying dirty rags that every couple has.

But perhaps it is not very appropriate to take advantage of the romantic good vibes to bring out that little problem that happened a month ago and that until then we had not dared to comment …

Do not ask what you can not give

The stability of a relationship should be forged in the balance more or less symmetrical between the two members: before accusing the other person may agree that we stop to think if we are willing to demand something like this from the other person or if it is preferable , for the sake of both, overlook small details that in our case have also been overlooked.

A discussion can not be won, only losing

What is the end of every couple’s argument? To exchange exabruptos until one of the two gives up and, convinced, asks for forgiveness to his partner and accepts that this one is absolutely right and nothing but the reason?

Or simply to make him understand that one of his behaviors has bothered us and that in the consecutive it is preferable that he think twice before doing something similar? Remember that many people have won arguments, but in return, they have lost their partners.

The feelings are not discussed

The judicial system may be fallible at times, but the history of the laws has provided the human being with a series of rational and useful tools to solve their conflicts.

For that reason, perhaps it is not such a bad idea to take some of their advice and apply it to our life as a couple, as it is to focus on the facts and not on the speculations. It is vital to remember that we may have some disagreement about future or past plans, but judging or anticipating their feelings will only make us make false assumptions.

Put yourself in the shoes of the other

Appealing to empathy with the other person is one of the most common tips every time an argument arises, but it is rarely strictly enforced.

This means that it would not be wrong to think how we would feel ourselves if our partner were to tell us what we have just reproached him for, if we are really fair in making such accusations and if it comes to mind. Because probably, the answer will be negative.

Phrases To Recover Your Ex Girlfriend Or Wife (recommended)

Recover Your Ex Girlfriend Or WifeThe first thing I have to clarify in this article is that there are no miracle words that make you recover your ex girlfriend or wife “overnight.”

Yes there are phrases that can help you regain your ex, make you interested again in you and rekindle the “spark” that had the relationship in the beginning.

The mistake many men make when trying to recover a relationship is to think that there is a “magic” technique or a perfect phrase that will make them regain the love of their ex-partner, when this is not so, what they really should worry about a man who wants to regain a relationship is to DO THINGS WELL and to have patience.

So, before going into the phrase section to regain a relationship, it is important that you know what this means to “do things right”, since NOTHING will help you know what words to tell your ex girlfriend or wife if on the other hand you misbehave.

What you must be clear yes or yes to recover your ex girlfriend:

Take a step to the side.

The term of the relationship means one thing for now: your ex is demanding time and space, and your obligation as a man and as a person who loves and respects her is to give it to her.

This can be difficult to understand at first, especially for men who have many years of relationship or for those who have children and can not stop seeing their partners, but it is simply a reality that you have to accept if you want to have options to recover the relationship.

What happens if after the end of the relationship you did not give this time and space to your ex? You are still in time to do it, although the ideal would have been that she saw that you accepted the term of the relationship from the beginning, but do not worry if you made this mistake.

It is natural that this happens to you, since a man who is left by his wife tends to fall into a deep sadness followed by a denial of the situation.

This does, in most cases:

– Call her on the phone to ask for explanations.

– Promise that it will change.

– I beg you to give yourself another chance.

– Send you text messages or Chat messages.

– Spying on her place of studies or work.

– Obsessing with your ex partner.

If you passed or you are going through all this do not worry, it is absolutely normal, the important thing is that you realize that all these behaviors are WRONG and that you should stop behaving like this if you want to get your wife back.

Why do I have to stay away from my ex? Will not this be harmful?

Many men are afraid of giving the bride and wife time and space after the end of the relationship because they think it will hurt their chances of regaining their relationship.

These men should simply ask themselves, “Do I have more options of getting my ex back up by overwhelming her all the time or giving her space and waiting for time to heal the wounds?” I think the answer is clear.

Getting away from your ex-wife and giving her the space she’s demanding will benefit you because you’ll CONFUSE your ex.

She is waiting for you to behave like most men who have been left behind by their women behave, but you will not give her that benefit.

After the breakup, she was left in the position of “power” in the relationship, because she made the decision to end the relationship, not you, all this makes her believe that:

– You’re thinking about her all day.

– You’re suffering for her.

– You are seeing pictures of when they were together and you are crying in excess.

And I do not say that your ex likes to think that you are living all this, she simply assumes that you are living it.

By showing you that you are NOT living that and that you are absolutely right, what you will do will be to DISPOSE and confuse it very much, to the level that is questioned if breaking with you was the right thing or not.

So my advice is not to call her, do not try to locate her, avoid thinking about her (being distracted by some activity is best for this, practice some hobbie, go out with friends, start practicing a sport, keep your mind busy and not you are locked in your house), do not get to your Facebook or Twitter profile, in short, try not to have any contact with her, for at least 2 to 3 full weeks.

But you have to commit to fulfilling this, otherwise she will confirm your decision to have ended the relationship and you will find it more difficult to take a path to regain it.

Your main goals when disconnecting from your ex are:

1) Generate curiosity in it.

2) Do not give in to taste.

3) Show that the term of the relationship did not affect you as she believes.

4) Improve your mental health and self-esteem.

5) Improve your appearance (style, haircut, way of expressing yourself, attitude, verbal and corporal language).

6) Distract yourself, go out with friends, even meet other women.

7) Prepare well for reunion with your ex-girlfriend or wife.

In my book “Back With It” is explained all this strategy in amplitude so you know how to apply it correctly step by step, but the principles you know.

Now let’s go to the phrases or words that you can use when you meet your ex-girlfriend or wife, so that she perceives in you a new man, a man who is happy with his current situation and who “does not need it” to be full.
Recommended phrases or words to recover your ex girlfriend or wife

“Hello [your ex’s name], how are you? I hope everything is going well … “(wait until I ask you how you are, do not talk much about yourself if she does not ask you).

“I am the best, I have been many projects that I had in mind and I am very happy, it would be fun to tell you more details and tell me about you, let’s get together sometime this week? I could on Wednesday and Friday “(with this you make it clear that you only have those 2 days free and it’s a casual invitation, no compromises).

If she refuses this invitation tell her that it is a casual meeting of friends, that there is no compromise, although she should notice it because of your relaxed and relaxed tone of voice.

If this appointment is carried out you should worry that it will not last more than 20 to 25 minutes, it must be in a “fast” cafe because you “are busy and have things to do”, this will leave you “wanting more” “And even more confused and interested in why you are having such an active life.

Tips for this appointment:

– Listen to her more, talk less.

– Do not speak anything negative, no subject. Your goal is for her to begin to relate you to positive, not negative, emotions.

– Do not apologize for any of the relationship, you’re talking to a friend, not “your ex”.

– Look into her eyes when she is talking to you, let her know that you are listening to her, that you pay attention to her, but do not intimidate her with your look.

– Try to have a relaxed and relaxed attitude, do not force anything, behave as if you really knew that they will not return and as if you were well with that.

More phrases ideas:

“At the end of the month I go on a trip with friends from the university (or place of work), I am very enthusiastic, I always wanted to know that place (I gave a very interesting place), I would have liked to go with you but hey, no it could be haha

(If you ask more about your life or your close circle you can say something like the following) “I was talking to a friend the other day and I got into an argument, I can not believe that I support (say something that you and your ex support and have in common), is crazy, although I almost make you change your mind, it seems that only we thought that way haha.

“I like that we have got together and share how our lives are, I’m glad to hear from you.”

“Do you remember when …?” (Tell her an anecdote that you have lived together and that brings you happy and funny memories, your goal is that she subtly remember the relationship they had as a positive experience and wonder why it is over).

“Ahh I did not tell you but I’m attending …” (tell her that you’re doing something to change an attitude of yours that bothered her, for example, if you were antisocial and did not like to relate to people, say that now that has changed,

or if you had alcohol problems, tell him that you are changing that because you realized that it made you sick, yes, always make it clear that you do it for yourself, not for anyone else, all this in a subtle and casual tone).

“Well, tell me about yourself… how is it going …” (ask her for something she would have liked to do, some project she had in mind or something that would motivate her a lot.) Women love to talk about what they are passionate about and if you know how to listen and advise, much better).

“Look, the son was born, do not know what name to put… I suggested” DiunName “, but I do not know, can you think of any? haha … “(this technique is very effective for generating positive emotions in your ex.

Show him a picture of a baby from your mobile phone, and explain that he is the son of an acquaintance of yours, and tell him that you went to see him and gave him baby toys, with this your ex will feel powerful emotions that will arouse an interest in you. They have a maternal instinct that at the subconscious level is always present).

(These phrases for the end of the meeting) “You know? After everything that happened to us, I think everything is going through something. I think what we had had more good times than bad and I like staying with the good ones, do not you think? ”

“You will always be the girl that I liked the most and that will not change, I always hope I can continue to know about you”.

“Well it seems that I have to go … they are waiting for me, it was great to be able to get together, I loved seeing you, it should be repeated, we are talking and you are the best.”

All these phrases fulfill 2 functions: they show you as a man who is calm and happy with his life, and provoke positive emotions in your ex, that will associate you with those emotions and want more and more.

You’re probably wondering, do I basically have to lie for the whole date? And the answer is yes.

But I can also answer you with another question, why lie and not begin to live exactly as you will appear to be living?

In seduction there is a basic principle that is very true and tremendously effective: You must Look, appear and appear, to BE. You will act so much like a calm, relaxed and relaxed man, that you will end up feeling like this and you will say goodbye to the obsessive man who overwhelmed to his ex girlfriend or wife.

Human psychology works that way, believe it or not. And feminine psychology in particular has told us over the years is that they want to be with a man who provides positive emotions and a man who is successful, and this does not mean having a lot of money, it means:

-Love what you do-