How To Know If a Man Is In Love, 6 Signs To Realize

How To Know If a Man Is In Love, 6 Signs To Realize

Have you started a relationship and want to know if he is in love with you? Here are six obvious signs of how a man behaves when he only has eyes for a woman.

1. He wants to spend time with you. At the beginning of a relationship, you want to be with him as long as possible, right? If he also looks for your company whenever he can, you can be sure that he considers you more than an adventure.

When he only wants sex or is not interested enough in you, he will immediately make excuses to avoid spending time with you. But if you are in love, you will want to be by your side even if it is to go shopping or have coffee with your friends.

2. Do not play with your feelings. When a man only looks for you to have a good time with you, always leaves the door open so that other women can enter. And although I do not tell you clearly, you perceive that he is not totally present for you: he calls you at the last minute, cancels plans, makes excuses when you propose to introduce him to your family, he is emotionally distant, etc. A man in love does not do any of that.

He wants to be with you and does everything necessary to achieve it, without caring that his feelings are exposed. With it you will not have to think about whether it is too early to answer your WhatsApp message. What a relief, is not it?

3. It makes space for you in your home. Not only will not be offended when you see your toothbrush and your creams occupying the shelves of your bathroom, but it will make room for you in the chest of drawers, you will buy your favorite cereals for breakfast and hangers so that you can hang your clothes without break down

Maybe both of you consider it too early to live together, but your home is for you a refuge where you feel welcome and not an intruder who has to be careful not to open a drawer and find another woman’s underwear .

4. It puts you above your friends. With them he has fun, but with you he can express himself freely, be himself, explore his emotions … In short, experience the sensation of intimacy that men often find only in a relationship.

This is a very comforting signal if you are looking for a stable relationship, since it tells you that your man is not a “peter pan” and is willing to assume the complications involved in getting involved emotionally with a woman.

5. He is more handsome and happier. We are not the only ones who want to show our best face to the man we love. When he thinks about the future with you, he makes sure to become a person worthy of your love. And that’s why he takes better care of himself and arranges to like you.

In addition, the well-being that corresponded love causes us makes it look more attractive, happy and full of energy. The best thing is that this change for the better is not left alone in the façade: it will also do everything possible to balance all aspects of your life (health, work, finances) and offer you all the possible well-being and safety.

6. Make future plans with you. Talk about coexistence, marriage, children … Even without you having talked about your plans in this regard. It arises spontaneously from him because he feels he has found the woman with whom he wishes to share his time, feelings and resources. He loves you more than his personal freedom, which most men value very much. Can there be a clearer signal of how in love he is?

What To Do On The First Date? Cause a good impression

The first meeting is approaching and you only have doubts and questions about what to do on the first date. Try to relax and keep in mind some tips to face the first date.

1. Your first moment

The writers of “Being successful with women” 1, Ron Louis and David Copeland, propose some keys that are advisable to take into account at the time of a first appointment. These premises can be extrapolated to both sexes.

The first date is a special moment that can lead to nerves and extreme situations of anxiety, since both of you do not know each other personally even though you have spent time talking on an online dating platform. The best thing is to think about enjoying the moment and showing yourself as one is.

2. First contact

We recommend that the first encounter does not take you a lot of time. It is a first contact and, sometimes, first impressions can play tricks. The ideal time of a first appointment does not exceed 65 minutes. If you are having fun, it can also be a good time to finish the appointment. In this way, you will maintain the interest of the other person and she will be more willing to access a second appointment.

3. Where? In public places

The first meeting is recommended to do it in a neutral and quiet place, like a cafeteria. It is important that you both feel comfortable. “When you invite him to leave, you must have a site designed. Check that he or she knows the place where you will meet or give the necessary directions ».

When you think about what to do on the first date, try to discard plans such as going to dinner or the movies, which will benefit you in that the other person is not so focused on you. Avoid also very intimate places, such as a house, as this can intimidate the other person and make him reject the meeting. The same happens with the male sex.

4. Show interest in your appointment

Do not go to hang out or chat without any purpose, this may cause your appointment to think that you are not interested enough in a serious relationship. Try to play your part, show interest and try to seduce.

5. Prepare for your meeting

It is important that you think about some previous questions before answering the question of what to do on the first date. First, reflect on the type of person you will be with. If you take into account their tastes and hobbies, it will be easier for you to converse once you are there. Be prepared also in case you face an unwanted situation, the first encounters can be somewhat unstable.

6. Proposals on the first date

Louis and Copeland propose a series of tactics that can help make your appointment a resounding success. Among them, there are some interesting such as maintaining a romantic conversation, look into the eyes for a long time, make the other person laugh, get information about it or make a compliment.

Both verbal and non-verbal communication also plays an important role. «Someone interested in you, will look you in the face and in the eyes. If the situation is potentially sexual, it is likely that you also look at the body covertly, “says the writer of the book” The body language of relationships “2, David Cohen.

The opposite can also happen: “A person is not looking at you if the amount of time he takes to look at you is significantly less than the amount he spends looking at another site.”

The farewell, a magical moment

It is time to say goodbye, you know what to do on the first date, but if you are interested in a second, it is better to think of a plan and propose it when you say goodbye. If you accept, set a date and keep calling another day to specify the details of the meeting.

«It is better to stay with her, when she is in front of her, feeling the joy that the appointment has created». Remember that this applies to both men and women, so try to take advantage of the magic of the moment to arrange a second meeting.

The Five Best Ways To Predict If Your Relationship Will Break Soon

The Five Best Ways To Predict If Your Relationship Will Break Soon

The five best ways to predict if your relationship will break soon What is the secret of happy couples? Not a few social researchers have raised the question, but nobody has found absolute truths.

There are couples who base their stability on affection, others are based on passion and there is someone who puts the accent on intellectual compatibility. They all have their tricks and secrets.

Love is, at the same time, a universal feeling that we can all experience, and a complex mechanism that works in different ways in each one of us. What is beyond doubt, is that couples who survive in time, while retaining love, have managed to create a complex bond, which goes beyond what any psychologist can explain in a study.

It is very difficult to know what works in love, but not so much to know what is not going well. Do you have doubts about the strength of your love? You should therefore ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you trust your partner?

Honesty is the basis of all love relationships. If this is lost, and half-truths, secrets and suspicions arise, something very important is failing. The reality is that without trust it is impossible for a relationship to be maintained over time.

To know if you really trust your partner you must ask yourself a series of questions: do you really trust her? Do you do what he promises you? Do you fulfill what you promise her?

Couples that last over time are those that know how to deal with mistrust as soon as they appear. Mistrust in the couple always appears due to a lack of communication. Generally, all situations of jealousy, or suspicions that the other person is not being completely sincere, arise from small misunderstandings that have not been stopped in time.

Sooner or later all couples experience problems of this kind. Couples that last over time are those who know how to deal with these mistrust as soon as they appear, openly raising the situation, and tackling it at the root. Unfortunately, if a distrust appears and it is not treated in time, the crack will become increasingly larger and once the lies appear the couple can be considered finished.

2. Does your personality change when you are with your partner?

We have all met someone who refused to take his girlfriend to their friends’ meetings. They are people who behave in a totally different way when they are with their partner who, probably, does not know much of their being (that which they reserve to be with their friends). Are you yourself when you are with your beloved? If the answer is no, you will end up hurting your partner and the end of it will be inevitable.

3. Can you live prolonged moments of intimacy with your partner without getting bored?

To know if our love really works, we must consider if we cover these four dimensions of intimacy. It is possible that we fail in some of them and we can work to fix it, but if we fail in all we are facing a real problem.

Physical intimacy

It is the most obvious of all. It includes hugs, kisses, caresses and, of course, sex, which is the ultimate expression of physical intimacy. Although it is natural that the frequency with which we have sex decreases over time, the absolute disappearance of these is a clear sign that something is failing in the couple.

Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is what allows us to express our feelings to our partner. If we fail to answer questions like “what are you doing?” Or “how do you feel?” We fail at this point. If you do not know how to express openly the love you feel for your partner is that, perhaps, you do not feel it.

Intellectual intimacy

Mental compatibility is one of the best kept secrets of couples who endure together for a long time. Being able to discuss political, cultural or philosophical issues is one of the best tools of happy couples, those who never get bored when they are alone.

Shared activities

Healthy couples are those who can do all kinds of things without one of the parties being terribly bored. Love is, after all, a way to enjoy life in company. It does not matter the type of activity. There are couples who have fun cooking, traveling, playing sports or playing in a band. The important thing is that there are a series of activities that you can enjoy in company.

4. Do you know how to communicate correctly with your partner?

In your book, what does divorce predict? (Routledge), the psychologist John Gottman, one of the most renowned students of love relationships, pointed to a strong conclusion: the biggest indicator that a couple is going to divorce is that one of the parties (or both) shows contempt towards their couple.

If we do not know how to treat problems, we will enter into a spiral of anger and reproach that, sooner or later, will end the relationship. Saber dialogue with the couple is an essential requirement to successfully resolve conflicts and for love to endure over time. If we do not know how to deal with problems, we will enter into a spiral of anger and reproach that, sooner or later, will end the relationship.

The linguist Sebastia Serrano, explained in an interview with El Confidencial, that as soon as expressions of contempt appear in a couple, it is very difficult for it to go ahead. After all, he explains, “love is a task of communication goldsmithing”, and if this fails, the couple too.

5. Do you know how to react in pairs to external adversities?

However beautiful a relationship may be, what is really going to prove it is the arrival of external problems that, at some point, it will have to face. It is quite simple to show love when life is going well, but when it is really demonstrated it is before adversities.

Unemployment, illness or death of a family member are issues that can end up with a partner, if the parties do not stay together, and if there is no support among them. Do you know how to share the bad moments with your partner, or do you just enjoy the good ones? Couples that last until death separates them are those that remain together before the setbacks of life.

Conflicts In The Couple And Their Iimportance In Society

Conflicts In The Couple And Their Iimportance In Society

The conflicts in the couple generate health problems in the members of the couple and the children. the situation of the couple is analyzed as an institution in today’s society, how the couple is internally and externally structured,

They also review the most common areas of conflict, what and how they are unleashed, the form they take and how they are resolved. The advances that have occurred in cognitive behavioral therapy of couples in recent times are also mentioned.

Conflicts in the couple, Importance of the conflict in the couple.

The statistics say that married people live longer and with a better quality of life, … if there are no conflicts. But conflicts: mental illness (depression, bipolar disorder, drinking, violence, ..) and physically (heart, cancer, immunological diseases, chronic pain …). They even increase the probability of traffic accidents, including fatal ones.

Conflicts in the couple also generate problems in the children (behavioral problems, depression and problems to achieve intimacy in the future).

Social situation of couple relationships

The media transmits a message that seems to indicate that the best way to live is not the couple and in fact that is how it is shaped in society. While in the 70s 70% of American homes were occupied by a marriage currently only 50%.

But many other figures are not so true. They tell us, for example, that more people who get married divorce, which is false, in our country at least. In 2000, 30% of the number of couples who were married were separated.

There are couples of fact and very long relationship forms, being “boyfriends” and living each one at home, sharing only free time, are ways that allow relationships with less commitment.

We might be tempted to attribute these processes exclusively to the lack of psychological preparation to face the problems and conflicts that are inherent in living as a couple at the present time. But surely social phenomena have explanations and social origins.

Society marks the couple that wants or needs. We have only to consider the influence of positive factors such as the advances of women towards social equality with men and their integration in the productive process;

And others not as positive as the hedonist ideology, established to maintain a high level of consumption, or the lack of social support for the development of the family, which places great labor difficulties for the care of the children, and which leads to consider having offspring as an unbearable burden, together with other elements such as precarious working conditions, which on the one hand discourage the establishment of long-term commitments,

like having children or buying a flat, and on the other they establish endless days that contribute in a decisive way to increase communication barriers in the couple. They are all social factors that shape the form of the couple that can occur in our society.

Structure of the couple

Currently the basis on which almost all couples are formed is falling in love. Falling in love is an emotion and has a strong component of passion, affection, tenderness, sex. That is why one of the main objectives of the couple today is to make life enjoyable.

But an emotion is temporary, because it is subject to the law of habituation. We all know that falling in love happens and many couples, based only on that emotion dissolve, “the illusion is lost”; “It does not feel the same.” However, the passionate love of the beginnings is an unbeatable way to keep the couple.

This requires developing intimacy and validation. Intimacy involves opening up and telling things that, in other circumstances, could be used against us and receive acceptance by the other. When we are in love we put ourselves completely in the hands of our partner and in this way we build intimacy.

We also decided to share more things with the other and we are committed to society, fidelity is kept, time is shared, the body is given, material goods are shared as a floor, etc. finally,

a commitment to a common life is acquired, which may or may not be socially endorsed. Thus, the commitment that is the decision to remain in the relationship despite the problems that arise is created, fighting with all possible forces to resolve them.

As more elements are shared, a method to make decisions is being built and a power structure is established, which may be more or less democratic, but always accepted by both. Decision making is one of the sources of major conflict in the couple.

To be intimate, to make decisions, and to live together, you must know how to communicate, listen and respect yourself. To solve the problems too. The ability to communicate and resolve conflicts is essential for the continuity of the couple.

Another very important aspect is mutual support. It is reflected in the formula of being together in health and illness, in joys and sorrows. The other is the main support to the difficulties and threats of life and support in personal and social development.

Our learning of how that mutual support is in the couple occurs within the family in which we were born. One of the first behaviors that we develop in her is that of attachment. Defined as the search for protection from external threats and, in the child, it is mainly aimed at seeking the protection of the mother.

Areas of conflict in the couple.

The conflict areas affect all the components that have been listed in the structure of the couple.

The power

Taking into account the responsibilities: who is responsible for doing things and who decides what needs to be done. These decisions cover such fundamental aspects as: Finances, care of children, social relations, etc.

The intimacy

Intimacy is built with a separation of the family of origin, giving priority to the other in self-disclosure and decision-making. That’s why one of the most conflictive issues is in relationships with the family of origin,

Passion, affection, sexuality

Love is replacing falling in love, the initial passion is giving way to intimacy and affection, but that does not mean you can lose the attraction that you feel for the other as an object and sexual subject.


When conflicts occur and encyst, communication patterns are produced that perpetuate the problem and ultimately lead to separation.