Learn To Solve Problems With Your Partner Or Ex-Partner!

Solve Problems With Your PartnerCouples should not necessarily agree on everything and the fact that at times have disagreements does not mean that the relationship is lost.

On the other hand, it is logical that not always match or think the same way and these situations are an excellent opportunity to meet and express how we feel not quite hide anything.

Solve Problems With Your Partner.

On the other hand, when the fights are constant, it is very common to forget the positive qualities that the other person.

When a discussion occurs in a partner, we are more annoying, it is important that we recognize that the main protagonist of the discussion is the argument. Everything that references ironies, taunts, jeers and insults has nothing to do with the discussion.

The best way to solve a discussion is to learn to dialogue with fundamentals. Each party must be able to explain their views in an objective manner. In this way, they will ensure to have a discussion based on respect and be more likely to find a solution.

What we must avoid in discussions couple.

When the words are used in a discussion become destructive, the best you can do is stop the discussion and leave it for another time. Thus both members of the couple have enough time to calm down.

In addition another question you have to consider is that the couple fights usually start with a theme and ends arguing about something completely different. It is very important that when you and your partner maintain a discussion avoid deviating from the original topic.

To find a solution to discussions couple, it is very important that they be aware that should not be kept those feelings that cause discomfort, because in this way, when a period of tension generated, will surface all the hassles together and end up arguing for anything.

How to handle a discussion couple.

• Both members of the couple must be clear and honest, say what they think and what they feel is much better than criticizing the other person.

• Try to talk staring eyes and holding hands. A look can say very different from the words spoken things.

• Never try to convince the other person is wrong or try to alter your perception. The best solution is to seek a settlement respecting and accepting the perspective of each.

• The solution is not to sleep in separate rooms or stop talking. It is essential to deal with conflict.

• Although both feel angry and upset, respect is fundamental. Avoid faltarse respect, since for a relationship to flourish, mutual respect is one of the major premises that must be met.

• Stop teasing, recriminations and ironies aside. The words “never” and “always” will not help solve the conflict, but further exacerbate the discussion.

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How To Recover And Get Your Former Partner!

How To Recover And Get Your Former Partner!

You’ve left a relationship recently? I am aware of the pain that has due cause you, and I am also aware that one of the most important questions that you are considering now is “How to recover my ex?”. Here you will find the answer.

How to win back your ex: step by step.

You then detail steps on how to seduce your ex:

Step 1: why failed relationship?

The first thing you should do if you want to recover your partner, of course, is to understand why the relationship failed. How should already know, the first step in solving a problem… it is to know what is the problem!

Our recommendation, in this sense, is that you ask the most basic questions about what failed, who was most responsible for these failures, how can be solved, etc.

How To Recover And Get Your Former PartnerThese questions are essential to solve the situation and, from there, take the appropriate decisions to win back your ex. We are going to take responsibility for the rupture was yours, because it is the most frequent case, and because if responsibility was another person, it is less likely that you’re anyone wishing to regain it.

Step 2: Assessing whether you should change.

Once you’ve done the questions, surely you have come to the conclusion that there are some aspects of your personality, which contributed to the relationship not successful and is arrived at the rupture.

At this point, you can probably consider some forms of change and start to focus on the relationship in a different way. However, it is also likely that you seem too complicated to make those changes.

Here is where the first dilemma arises: would you really compensates for change? This question seems silly, but it is not. In fact, it is the most important of the entire guide. If you want to recover your partner, you will have to change.

So be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if you really want your partner or not to recover, and if you’re willing to change or, on the contrary, prefer to remain as you are even without your partner.

Step 3: Recovering the relationship

Once you have concluded that you prefer to return to be with her, changing to achieve this, it is time to retrieve the relationship. That Yes! You must have the intention to change. If you don’t change, you will not get it again with you, and even if it were, you volveríais to have the same problems.

In any case, the next thing you have to do is recover the relationship. It is possible that, after the break, you’ve continued a certain relationship of friendship. It may also be that, although it is not a relationship of friendship, for any reason, you have to keep seeing you and having a cordial relationship.

That is good, and if this is your case, you can skip to the next item. However, if this is not your case and in your particular case rupture has caused a major rift between the two, you will have to work to have a relationship.

To do this, you can use the friends you have in common as a way of bringing you to your former partner. This is the easiest way to achieve this, especially when you ask you help to those friends who considered you perchance good couple.

Step 4: Showing changes.

Once you’ve picked up a certain relationship, it is the time to prove you have changed. That Yes, show changes is not as easy as saying “I’ve changed”. It’s to prove it with facts, not with words.

This is much more difficult, because saying “I’ve changed” takes just a second. However, to show that, indeed, has changed, it may take several days or even weeks.

You should arm yourself with patience and go showing it little by little. Finally, Zamora not conquered in an hour and the work of retaking a couple is quite slow, since you must provide confidence.

It is important that leave you space, simply behave according to the changes that you have undertaken, and she will be realizing little by little, in fact, already don’t have those defects that caused the rupture.

Step 5: Stating objectives.

At this point, your partner you will be quite clear that you intend to resume the relationship, or, at least, that I would like to to so. This is important, since if she keeps the good new relationship you have, it is because, more or less, also interested in.

At this point, you have to be subtle, but also ruthless. You’re not there to be your new friend (or friend), they want to return to the relationship. For that reason, you should not devote yourself to chat with her new relations and new people that you like.

You don’t want to help her to be with other people. You want to be with you. This is important, since many men, in this phase, go into single friends, and that’s not the purpose. The objective is the reconquest. And that should be clear to it, even if you don’t tell them explicitly.

Step 6: Making use of friendships.

How to recover your ex it is not something easy, it will be best that you seek allies. We’ve talked before how useful that are friends in common to resume contact with your ex, but can help you even more.

You can chat with friends you have in common that they help to gently press the other person to yield, to have greater interest in being with you. This may sound bad, but in the end and after it happens continuously.

If you can get to some of her friends remember the good couple that you manage, and mention the changes that you are carrying out, your ex will be much more predisposed to getting back with you.

So do not hesitate and take advantage of the friends you have in common. They are a good asset to resume the relationship.

Step 7: Don’t forget to solve the problems of the past.

If all of the above it has been fulfilling, and she you has accompanied in those steps without putting too many drawbacks, it is because she also has interest in return with you, although it is still not quite clear.

At the end and at the end is normal that’s not it, because a relationship that broke, is not obvious that you want to recover. However, so it will be still, because, otherwise, she not continue giving you foot that you continue being with her.

At this point, which can be reached after a few days or a few weeks, it is important that you try the previous relationship with naturalness. The first few times you try the theme, surely is not something comfortable, but the following times will be something much more simple and natural.

The really important thing here is that you try the issue calmly, making mention of the problems that have occurred in the relationship, without feel mutually attacked. The issue is the best way to show that you are willing to improve… especially you!

Step 8: To attract your ex back.

Once you have followed all of the above, the only thing you have to do is to attract your ex. To do so, must try to seduce her, something which, to a certain extent, have already been doing in previous paragraphs, but now have to do more evident.

How to win back your ex.

After reaching this point, if you could talk about your former relationship and have no problem in doing so, you are still watching you and leaving, it is evident that both are interested in resuming the relationship.

It is therefore that you can “slightly stronger”, and make clear that you want to go back with you. At this point not I can help you too, since it depends on your personal factors and how capable you are appealing to a person.

However, yes I can recommend that you do not be afraid. As I said, if you have reached this point and your ex you has accompanied on the way, it is because she is also interested.

Step 9: Spider’s Web.

This stage of seduction of the previous point, can lead itself to resume the relationship at any time without more. Now, it can also lead, only, that both have very clear that you want to resume the relationship, but it has regained yet.

In that case, it is likely that there is still a point of fear in your ex, aware that you already tried a relationship with you and was not well. Can’t be you blame, right? Finally and ultimately quite right… but you have changed!

So, at this point, it is better that you stay with it for a day in a special place, doing something special, eating something special… Yes, having a special day. You must prepare a day which is really amazing for her.

That day should be an example of what a new relationship can be for both. I assure you that, with this, you’ve managed to reconquer it.

Step 10: A new relationship.

Once again start the relationship with her, of course, have to do everything possible to avoid falling into the same mistakes of the past. I guess that this is a no-brainer, but it is worth pointing this out.

Change is not something that you have done to get back it and that, once you have it another time with you, you can forget. You’ve changed to retrieve it, Yes, but also to keep it beside you in a new relationship.

However, neither recommend that the first few days are a continuous party, because, especially if it is artificial, you can not endure this charade for a long time. It is preferable that you work your changes bit by bit, and remain stable. That guarantees the stability of the couple.

On the other hand, you may not “submit”, so to speak, in that new relationship. It is possible that after having made mistakes in the previous relationship, you get you something more permissive with your partner. That’s fine, but you should not take a subordinate position. Otherwise, who will be damaged will be you.

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